Prime Carbon Pro Road Rim Brake Pads

Prime Carbon Pro Road Rim Brake Pads

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The Prime Carbon Pro brake pads have been designed specifically for carbon rims to offer the best balance of power and modulation in both dry and wet weather conditions. Our proprietary pad compound has been manufactured in conjunction with industry leading pad manufacturer BrakeCO.

We have tested this pad in both simulated and real world conditions to offer the best possible braking performance when used with the brake tracks on carbon road rims.

We have added channels to quickly and efficiently displace water from the brake track in wet conditions to enhance wet weather braking performance; these also have an added benefit of allowing air to pass through in dry weather conditions, which helps to keep the pads and rim from overheating under prolonged periods of braking.


  • Proprietary pad compound for carbon fibre rims
  • Pack contains 4 pads without holders
  • Pad channels to enhance wet & dry weather braking performance
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