Prime Thermal Bidon 500ml

Prime Thermal Bidon 500ml

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Keeping your liquid cold for up to 4 hours, this 500ml thermal water bottle maintains a consistently cool temperature thanks to its Nanogel construction. Known as the world's lightest insulating material, it's made of 5% solid material and 95% air. It features a BPA (Bisphenol-A) free certified plastic construction as well as Nanogel, which is superisingly lightweight. This makes it a major benefit for riders who want to shave important grams off their overall bike weight, without worrying about adding unnecessary water bottle weight. Due to its versatile construction, this model allows for high thermal capacity, extra lightness and fantastic flexibility in a single product.

Whether you're taking part in an event or riding with your local club, this water bottle will keep your liquid cold for up to four hours. Another key benefit is its rubber push/pull valve boasts an odourless and tasteless material. This means that the taste of your liquid will be unaltered, while its easy to squeeze design makes drinking simple, as you clock up the miles on your bike.


  • Material: Nanogel, BPA (Bisphenol-A) free certified Plastic materials
  • Size: 500ml
  • Thermal Effect: 4 hours
  • Valve: Push-pull
  • Diameter: 74mm
  • Safe and odourless
  • Innovative design
  • Weight: 109g
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