The Shorty Saddle Range

Last year, we introduced our highly-reviewed Shorty saddle. It’s the outcome of hours upon hours of ride testing across both road and gravel terrain. 
Our Shorty saddles have been recognised by customers and industry journalists as offering unrivaled levels of comfort and versatility across Road, MTB & Gravel.
Here’s everything you need to know.

The Shape:

We’ve customised the shape of the Shorty saddle to our exact specifications. Like other Prime products, this saddle has been designed and developed in-house after hours of ride testing. 

The short nose improves pedaling ergonomics, maneuverability, comfort, and performance. Ultimately our goal is to enable our riders to ride as far as possible, and as quickly as possible over all terrains without having to think about the saddle. 

You’ll also see it has a big cut out through its center, this is to avoid numbness and reduce pressure in the perineal area during prolonged riding.

The Padding: 

When testing the multiple iterations of the Shorty saddle, we paid a lot of attention to the padding. Across all models, you’ll get a non-absorption foam with water-resistant fabric. We chose this fabric due to it being slightly more durable than standard saddles with textured tops (AKA dimples) to prevent you from slipping across the saddle. This gives you optimal balance between grip and comfort.

Prime Saddle Integration:

Prime Saddle Integration (PSI) is our own system that allows accessories to be mounted securely to the rear of all the Shorty saddles. Each Prime Shorty saddle comes with a Go Pro mount to enable riders to add their preferred accessory – rear-facing camera, light, etc. In addition to this, we also make our own rear light – the 360 Super Bright Rear Light. This light comes with its own PSI mounting plate so simply clicks into place onto the base of the saddle and offers a 40-lumen package across 7 lighting modes.

When accessories aren’t fitted we supply a PSI blanking plate with each Shorty saddle so that lines remain clean and smooth.

The Shorty Range:

The Shorty range consists of three different models, outlined below. Each model has been utlisised a different type of material to suit a multitude of different riding styles. 

The Doyenne (Titanium and Polycarbonate)
Ti rail/Polycarbonate base (Doyenne). This saddle has been optimised for using off-road. It's the perfect upgrade to your gravel or XC bike. The titanium rails allow for higher impact strength, whilst the polycarbonate base adds that extra bit of comfort. It's a robust saddle, that benefits from the shorty shape to gain comfort in all terrains.   

The Doyenne (Carbon and Polycaronate)

This version of the Shorty is lighter than the Ti Rail version due to the introduction of carbon rails alongside the polycarbonate base. The carbon rails absorb the vibrations driven up from the seat post and add’s another level of comfort, especially when tackling longer rides. This saddle can work well across both road and gravel. 

The Primavera (Carbon everything)

This is the lightest saddle we’ve ever made, coming in at 170g. The rails and base are both made out of an ultra-reliable T700 twill weave carbon, with certain areas using a uni-directional layup to add that little bit extra. It’s best suited for out-and-out road use with the full carbon body adding dampening from the vibrations that will travel up your seatpost. It's a saddle that marries comfort, weight, and aesthetics.

New Sizing: 

For 2023, we’ve introduced a 155mm version of the Shorty saddle to sit alongside the 143mm. Why? Because different people require different widths to achieve maximum comfort. 

 Explore the full Shorty range  here.