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RR-50 Carbon Clincher Disc Road Wheelset

The Prime RR-50 Carbon Clincher Disc wheelset is all about straight-line speed and transfer of power from pedals to the rear wheel for maximum acceleration! Ideal for crit racing, time trials and rolling terrain where speed and reduced aerodynamic drag are the key factors in performance gains!

Our 50mm deep aero rim profile offers increased speed for less physical input by increasing the aerodynamic benefits across a wide range of yaw angles.

Our 25mm wide rim profile is optimised for use with wider tyres ranging from 25c to 33c. For road use 25c to 30c tyres can easily be accommodated with our preference swaying towards 25c for all round use.

The use of wider tyres provides a wider contact patch for increased traction and cornering grip, reduced rolling resistance and increased comfort.

For gravel and cyclocross use, tyres ranging from 28c to 33c will easily be accommodated.

The RR-50 features our CC-50 rims with RD020 hubset and is hand built with DT Swiss Double Butted spokes and DT Swiss Pro Lock nipples.

Each wheelset is supplied with the following items;


Rim Specifications:



Hub Specifications:



 Total Wheelset Weight: 1786g