Prime RR-50 V2 Carbon Clincher Wheelset

With speed at the very core of this wheelset, the RR-50 V2 Carbon Clincher is perfect for time trialists, road racers or cyclo-x-ers.

Its 50mm deep aero rim profile provides strong aerodynamic properties meaning you’ll reach faster speeds with the same effort or less. Working with the 25mm external rim width, this leads to an optimised tyre to rim interface, cutting down on rolling resistance and creating a greater contact patch for improved stability and cornering grip.

The Prime RR-50 V2 Carbon Clincher Wheelset is made up of the super-light RD020 hubset and is hand built with Pillar spokes, which provides instant acceleration from its 4 pawls and 26 points of engagement. Featuring ABG (Anti Bite Guard) Technology the R020 also helps prevent cassette damage from driving forces. It comes equipped with Prime QR skewers, Prime carbon brake pads and a 10-speed adapter, giving you all you need to reach top speed with ease and confidence.


In The Box:

Prime Crash Replacement Programme

At Prime we understand that a crash or unexpected accident may occur under normal riding conditions. If in the event of a fall or accident where your Prime product sustains damage beyond repair, you can return the damaged component in exchange for a new product at 40% off the RRP.

Please note that the Prime Crash Replacement Programme is only valid for the original purchaser within 2 years of purchase.