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Prime RR-28 V2 Carbon Clincher Disc Wheelset

The perfect choice for climbers and long-distance riders alike, the Prime RR-28 V2 Carbon Clincher Disc Wheelset has a shallow 28mm deep rim profile which reduces rotational weight while increasing stability in crosswinds, providing excellent and predictable handling.

Featuring a 25mm wide rim profile, the Prime RR-28 V2 Carbon Clincher Disc Wheelset has increased aerodynamic properties as a more linear contour between the rim and tyre is made by the interface. Comprised of the RD020, CNC machined 7075 alloy hub body and Pillar PDB 1415 spokes for stiffness and strength, the wheelset also protects your cassette form driving forces with its ANG (Anti Bite Guard) technology.

With optimal braking performance in the wettest of conditions, you can confidently ascend and descend hills and peaks with speed thanks to this fantastic Prime wheelset which comes equipped with Prime QR skewers and a 10-speed adapter.


In The Box:

Prime Crash Replacement Programme

At Prime we understand that a crash or unexpected accident may occur under normal riding conditions. If in the event of a fall or accident where your Prime product sustains damage beyond repair, you can return the damaged component in exchange for a new product at 40% off the RRP.

Please note that the Prime Crash Replacement Programme is only valid for the original purchaser within 2 years of purchase.