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Prime BlackEdition 85 Carbon Tubular Rear Wheel

Every second counts when you’re heading for the finish line and the BlackEdition 85 Carbon Tubular Rear Wheel will push you on to your PB or podium spot. With increased aerodynamics and decreased rolling resistance from its 25mm wide rim, you’ll be on to a winner.

Efficient and Energy Saving Aerodynamic Excellence

The 85mm deep aero rim profile of the wheel provides greater speeds for less effort, as well as fantastic aerodynamics, making for an efficient and energy saving ride. The optimised profile of the rim allows for tyres ranging from 25c to 33c to be used, offering a wider range of benefits to the rider when it comes to increased traction and cornering grip. Built with the R010, CNC machined 7075 alloy hub body, the BlackEdition 85 allows for better reactivity and a greater strength to weight ratio for optimum balance and weight distribution.

Comes Complete with Wheel Accessories

Bundled in the box comes a set of Prime carbon brake pads, Prime QR skewer, 2 spare spokes, 2 nipples and a 10-Speed adapter. Whether you’re seeking an edge in your next time trial or an advantage in your next triathlon, the BlackEdition 85 Carbon Tubular Rear Wheel is an ideal choice.


Prime Crash Replacement Programme

At Prime we understand that a crash or unexpected accident may occur under normal riding conditions. If in the event of a fall or accident where your Prime product sustains damage beyond repair, you can return the damaged component in exchange for a new product at 40% off the RRP.

Please note that the Prime Crash Replacement Programme is only valid for the original purchaser within 2 years of purchase.