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Prime BlackEdition 60 Carbon Tubular Front Wheel

The BlackEdition 60 Carbon Tubular Front Wheel is a fantastically durable and race-winning wheel for those with gold in their sights. Giving more speed for less effort thanks to its aerodynamic design, this is a must for sprinters and time-trialists.

Optimised Speed, Stability & Efficiency

Boasting reduced rolling resistance, the BlackEdition 60 Carbon Tubular Front Wheel has an optimised 25mm wide rim profile, which can cater for 25c to 35c tyres, offering considerable benefits from the ability to use wider tyre ranges. With increased comfort and cornering capability plus brilliant traction due to its wider contact patch, you will notice the difference as your own performance improves.

Supplied with Wheel Accessories

Bundled with a Prime QR skewer, Prime carbon brake pads, 2 spare spokes and 2 nipples and a 10-speed adapter, the BlackEdition 60 Carbon Tubular Front Wheel will give you the advantage you need to reach your goals.


Prime Crash Replacement Programme

At Prime we understand that a crash or unexpected accident may occur under normal riding conditions. If in the event of a fall or accident where your Prime product sustains damage beyond repair, you can return the damaged component in exchange for a new product at 40% off the RRP.

Please note that the Prime Crash Replacement Programme is only valid for the original purchaser within 2 years of purchase.