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Prime BlackEdition 50 Carbon Disc Wheelset

Built for efficient and unbeatable straight-line speed, the BlackEdition 50 Carbon Disc Wheelset offers improved aerodynamics, handling and stability due to the 27.5mm wide and 50mm deep T700 UD carbon fibre rim.

Reducing turbulence when air meets the spokes as well as rolling resistance, and providing a larger contact area for improved stability when taking corners, the BlackEdition 50 Carbon Disc Wheelset ticks all the boxes when it comes to a speedy and streamlined pair of wheels. Built up using RD010 CNC machined 7075 hubs and DT Swiss straight pull spokes, the wheel is stiffer and more reactive.

With a collection of spares included in the box, the BlackEdition 38 Carbon Disc Wheelset will set you on your way to achieving your cycling goal.


In The Box:

Prime Crash Replacement Programme

At Prime we understand that a crash or unexpected accident may occur under normal riding conditions. If in the event of a fall or accident where your Prime product sustains damage beyond repair, you can return the damaged component in exchange for a new product at 40% off the RRP.

Please note that the Prime Crash Replacement Programme is only valid for the original purchaser within 2 years of purchase.